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How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who need a good starter to launch your business, you might want to consider investing in an ice cream truck to start your business. This type of business is the one that does not limit regarding time and place, making it an excellent choice for beginners. People may have overlooked this area for years, and they also tend to underestimate this type of flexible business. However, what they often fail to understand is that this type of business can be a source of high income, depending on the management.

If you are interested, you need to keep on reading as this article explains the tips to start your ice cream truck business soon. Of course, early investment is necessary since it is a business that requires equipment. The truck, ice cream ingredients, and the ice cream cones for your van are some examples. Thus, below are the things you need to do to start your business soon.

a couple eating ice cream

Carefully Assessing Your Resources

The first thing that you need to do is, of course, assessing the resources you have and the resources you need to find and buy. The truck is the number one aspect that needs to be present, of course. For this reason, you need to prepare at least $10,000 to buy the one with a built-in freezer. This way, you will not need to spend more to buy a fridge.

The next thing to check is the operating costs. Gasoline, maintenance, and ingredients are what you need to prepare and plan before launching the business. Making monthly calculations and reports is advisable is it will help you track down the flow of your cash.

Deciding The Type of Ice Cream

assorted ice creamNow, let us jump into the essential aspect of the entire process, which is the commodity. It is crucial to make sure what type of ice cream to sell. Remember that competitors are common, and you need to have a unique selling point. Without this aspect, your business will not survive today’s business rivalry.

Selling pre-packaged products proves to be much easier than selling hand-served ice cream. However, the latter will undoubtedly be more profitable. Either way, it is also advisable to think about the equipment since the two options require different equipment. Freezers are one vital example. You need to calculate the size of your truck floor to determine which model that will meet your needs.…

A Brief Guide to Farming: An Insight for Beginners

The agricultural business is the core of a nation’s welfare. If you can be a successful farmer, not only you do good to yourself but also others. There is no better satisfaction than harvesting the crop and present them to the community. Moreover, being a farmer is also a profitable business. According to Agronomag.com, there are at least 10 wealthy farmers from across the globe whose wealth has reached $3 to $5 billion. If that story does not motivate you enough to start farming, then perhaps nothing else will.

Knowing Your Ventures

a caged chickenBefore you decide to rent or buy a farming land, you must plan the ventures you are going to have on your farm. There are many choices available, yet only a few will be suitable for beginners.

First, you must start with deciding which livestock species for your farm. Pekin ducks, rabbits, chickens, and honeybees are three species that are easy to raise and do not need a large space to thrive. However, you may need extra thoughts for some of them. For example, ducks and chickens are noisy. Unless your farm is totally isolated from other people’s residence, then you must think of a way to prevent your poultry from disturbing your neighbors. As for rabbits, not all people can accept this species as a meal. You may need to find the market first before you decide to breed rabbits as livestock.

Second, organic veggies are in hype these days. You only need to learn how to grow your veggies without artificial pesticides and put your method on your products’ labels. Microgreen farming is also a way to bring profit to your farm. The vegetables that will work with this method are maranth, arugula, basil, bull’s blood beet, buckwheat, cabbage, carrot, celery, collards, and cress. Furthermore, oyster mushrooms also have a high selling prospect in the organic market.

Investing in the Right Equipment

an agricultural tractor

The quality of your crop is as good as the quality of your farming equipment. First, you are going to need a farm truck. Although this vehicle will cost you a considerable amount of money, it will help you to transport heavy-duty equipment, harvest, manure, etc. Second, if you choose to plant a cover crop species, you will need an agricultural tractor. Browse, “agricultural tractors for sale,” on your gadget to connect you with local suppliers. If you know someone who is expert at examining tractor’s machines, then buying a used tractor will be a prudent decision.

Next, you will need several sets of garden tools, handcarts, composting units, manure spreaders, pesticide sprayers, a land mower, and fencing tools. You need to make sure that the equipment you buy is of high-quality materials so that you do not need to replace them anytime soon.

Learning About Branding and Marketing

a farmer on a gadgetYou farm’s name matters. For example, if you want to show that your family tradition runs your farm, then your family’s name can be the brand of your products. This option will be terrific if you have a long-term plan to inherit your business to your lineage. The point is that your farm’s brand must be personally relevant to you, yet it can connect to other people also.

The next thing you must learn is about social media marketing and managing your digital presence. …

Reasons to Buy Products Direct From the Factory

When you need products of different categories for either your retail shop or personal use, you may have the ability to purchase from the factory, a retailer or even the relevant distributor. Although, the best option is to buy directly from the factory because it usually comes with great benefits.

Factory-direct products are genuine without any alteration; you will have the chance to receive better merchandise with high quality. Similarly, factories offer a big opportunity for their customers to access a variety of product models.

Low Cost

atm card

When you buy directly from the factory, you will probably spend a less amount of money because there are no intermediaries involved. You will find that most retailers and distributors in the market have many expenses, which they pass on to the buyers of their goods.

The customers are needed to fund for the employees, buildings and the transportation cost of these retailers and distributors. You will overcome these additional costs if you consider buying products direct from the factory because it has already incorporated for all the costs involved in advertisements.


When you order goods directly from the factory, they are less likely to be damaged while shipping. The factory does not involve changing hands repeatedly as the retailers and distributors do.

Therefore, the goods are delivered safely. When goods are transferred from one store to another, they increase the likelihood of shipping damage, especially for the vulnerable items. The products might appear to be physically fit, but chances or falling soon are high because of the transfers. It is advisable to prioritize buying products from the factory to avoid shipping damages.

Longer Period to the Expiration Date

If you buy items from the factory, you will have more time to use or resell it because it probably would not be near its expiration date. If you are a retailer, you will have adequate time to resell the products without worrying about expiration sooner especially when the economy is in a critical condition. The factory is the best consideration that you need to make when you are buying products in bulk to reduce the odds of getting a loss due to the early expiry of the goods.

More Products

Shopping from the factory will give you the chance to obtain products that are rarely found with the retailers and distributors because of the squeezed space or financial limitations. The manufacturers also give you more insight on their equipment than any other outlets available in the markets. Besides showing you the production stages, the factory will offer a variety of products.

Warranties, Covers and Service Upper Hand

carrying shopping bags

Unlike the retailers and distributors, factories often offer a longer warranty period to all their customers without any extra cost. Retailers and distributors in the market can only offer a short or no warranty because of the heavy service charges and taxes. When your goods are shipped, the factory can also provide an insurance cover to protect your goods unlike other providers in the market.…

Facts About Equity Research

Equity research is a field that involves analyzing the company’s financials, exploring scenarios, and performing ratio analysis. The analysis done is helpful in making sell/buy investment recommendation. It is mainly done to determine the company’s stock value of those companies that are listed on stock exchange. The research and analysis made by these analysts is published in equity research reports. You will find may companies that have employed these experts.

Role Played By Equity Research Analysts

stock market

These are the professionals who assess the issues that influence important financial investment decisions like the currency market positions, stock market performance, economic environment, inflation rates and various industry performances. They are also trained on how to prepare and analyze financial reports on financial securities and equity stocks. The findings of their research are used by people to inspect or study truths, principles, theories, and facts. It is also their duty to guide their readers or clients in making profitable investment decisions.

Which Skills do You Need to Become an Effective Equity Research Analyst?

An experienced analyst should be capable of predicting or forecasting the future market of an organization. These professionals are required to elevate themselves with the latest market’s events. It is therefore important for them to possess excellent computer skills and knowledge. They should also have the required research techniques that help them in getting timely and important intelligence. Anyone who is interested in becoming a successful analyst should have a diploma or degree in business, finance or accounting from a recognized university. Other skills that help them in flourishing in this filed or career includes analytical mindset, good communication skills, excellent research skill, and decisive thinking.

What is the Expected Output for Equity Analysts?


The main work of these professionals is reviewing annual and quarterly financial statements, profit and loss statement, forthcoming projections and revenue figures, organization’s debt, cash flow statement, intelligence concerning their clients. They can also be tasked to review the current market movements, services and products presented by an organization and lawful accountabilities.

After making a detailed review of this data, they should scrutinize it carefully and come up with a detailed equity research report. This report generated is used by the clients to make optimum decisions concerning their portfolios. A lot of time is consumed on research. The remaining time is spent on research report scripting and financial modelling.

Growth for Equity Research Analysts

With time, junior research analysts can climb the ladder and become senior research analysts. Other can become regional fund managers or heads or research. Most of the importat decisions are made by the senior persons.…