Reasons to Buy Products Direct From the Factory

When you need products of different categories for either your retail shop or personal use, you may have the ability to purchase from the factory, a retailer or even the relevant distributor. Although, the best option is to buy directly from the factory because it usually comes with great benefits.

Factory-direct products are genuine without any alteration; you will have the chance to receive better merchandise with high quality. Similarly, factories offer a big opportunity for their customers to access a variety of product models.

Low Cost

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When you buy directly from the factory, you will probably spend a less amount of money because there are no intermediaries involved. You will find that most retailers and distributors in the market have many expenses, which they pass on to the buyers of their goods.

The customers are needed to fund for the employees, buildings and the transportation cost of these retailers and distributors. You will overcome these additional costs if you consider buying products direct from the factory because it has already incorporated for all the costs involved in advertisements.


When you order goods directly from the factory, they are less likely to be damaged while shipping. The factory does not involve changing hands repeatedly as the retailers and distributors do.

Therefore, the goods are delivered safely. When goods are transferred from one store to another, they increase the likelihood of shipping damage, especially for the vulnerable items. The products might appear to be physically fit, but chances or falling soon are high because of the transfers. It is advisable to prioritize buying products from the factory to avoid shipping damages.

Longer Period to the Expiration Date

If you buy items from the factory, you will have more time to use or resell it because it probably would not be near its expiration date. If you are a retailer, you will have adequate time to resell the products without worrying about expiration sooner especially when the economy is in a critical condition. The factory is the best consideration that you need to make when you are buying products in bulk to reduce the odds of getting a loss due to the early expiry of the goods.

More Products

Shopping from the factory will give you the chance to obtain products that are rarely found with the retailers and distributors because of the squeezed space or financial limitations. The manufacturers also give you more insight on their equipment than any other outlets available in the markets. Besides showing you the production stages, the factory will offer a variety of products.

Warranties, Covers and Service Upper Hand

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Unlike the retailers and distributors, factories often offer a longer warranty period to all their customers without any extra cost. Retailers and distributors in the market can only offer a short or no warranty because of the heavy service charges and taxes. When your goods are shipped, the factory can also provide an insurance cover to protect your goods unlike other providers in the market.…

What to Look for in a Neck Massager

Imagine having a massager for your neck, easy to use, fits the job and is simple to carry with you. It would lead to better neck muscle health because you have all the incentives to use it. The other side is that when the neck massager is out of shape, uses wrong material, requires cumbersome cords connecting to mains electricity, and is ugly would cause you to use it occasionally when ignoring it is impossible. You would rather have the pleasant one and the easy to use one. In that case, you are in the right place. The following points are what to look for in a neck massager.

The Design of Massage Nodes

A good neck massager has nodes that will press against your neck muscles gently and with variable intensity. A great one uses the deep-kneading message nodes that will move in the different rotation when in use. Thus, the effect reproduced on your neck and back is similar to the one coming from a therapist’s hands.

Consider the Design and Comfort Features

neck massage deviceOther than functionalities of the massager, the overall pleasantness affects your enthusiasm for using it. Consider going for an enticing one with various color lighting that gives you a mood-setting to let you enjoy the process. You can also check out newer models that come with music modes and adapt to the tempo of the music you listen to while getting the therapeutic experience. Check out materials used for covering the gadget and the possibility of irritating you especially when you have allergic conditions. Anything else should be about personal preferences.

Check the Therapeutic Heat

Massage must have some heat to make the skin softer and to improve the relaxation of muscles. Heat also tends to make the overall process easier to bear with especially when you are coming from a workout, and your muscles are very sore. The therapeutic heat should be warm enough to promote muscle recovery. It does that by increasing your blood circulation, which leads to improved oxygenation of the areas around the neck and the quick regeneration of cells.

Ability to Change Modes

You might have the best massager when you are checking it out at the store because the settings or profile for use fits your needs now. The problem will come when you are in need of something else, and you note your gadget is only capable of serving you in one mode. It can be frustrating. Consider going for neck massager with multiple modes that let you change the speed of the rotation of the nodes.

Mode of Charging

The right massager should have some form of rechargeable mechanism useful for you with your current power settings. For instance, it may come with a rechargeable battery and a separate charging unit so that you can get extra batteries and charge them while you are using the massager. It should also not come with fixed batteries because that would imply that you replace the entire thing when the battery is out. It would be too expensive.

You can also checkout more other important tips to consider when buying a neck massager. For more information go to, they have comprehensive guides on this topic.…